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Vision, Mission, and Objectives

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Distinction in extracurricular activities and services and motivating gifted students 

Offering distinguished extracurricular activities and care services to the students and motivating gifted students via
distinguished extracurricular activities programmes
optimal investment of resources and technology
creation of effective partnerships
1. Increasing the sense of patriotism among the university students and boosting loyalty to their country and its leadership  
2. Developing students' skills and building strong character
3. Providing the students with distinguished care services
4. Boosting the students' leadership and entrepreneurial skills 
5. Fostering a spirit of volunteerism among the students
6. Promoting the strategic partnerships with the local community
7. Building sustained relationships between the University and its alumni
8. Meeting the needs of gifted students and boosting their skills
9. Building a supportive administrative structure 
10. Promoting the sustainable financial resources of the Deanship
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