Last Updated: Monday, 4 November, 2019 - 18:06
The University Vision, Mission and Objectives

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A University distinguished in education and social partnership


The University endeavours to produce graduates who are capable of competing in the marketplace. To this end, the University delivers high-quality education in line with international standards, in an academic research-based environment that is equipped with high-calibre human resources, an effective social partnership, and a supportive administrative system.

Ten key strategic objectives have been identified which reflect the ten issues based on the current situation analysis and international benchmarks. These strategic objectives aim to
1. support the University students and develop their potentials.
2. attract and maintain outstanding teaching staff.
3. develop learning and prepare an ideal academic environment. 
4. continuously develop and improve quality practices and applications.
5. guide graduates and explore the labor market.
6. continue developing the infrastructure of higher studies and academic research.
7. continue developing the infrastructure of the University.
8. establish effective strategic partnerships locally and globally.
9. sustain the financial resources of the University.
10. improve supportive administrative structure.
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