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The Student Forum Secretariat is keen to hold various academic and cultural competitions among the University students in the areas of academic research, innovation, entrepreneurship and community service, in addition to cultural contests such as the scientific forums which are held every academic year.
1. Holding and supervising the Student Scientific Forum  
2. Communicating with the coordinators of the different colleges, and then meeting them in the presence of leaders of students' councils in order to set the forum's agenda
3. Creating an action plan and leaflets about the Forum, its themes, and its stages
4. Coordinating with the deans of colleges to provide the student councils and the coordinators with the necessary support
5. Confirming the participants' commitments to the Forum's conditions and requirements in all competitions
6. Organizing the public activities for passing judgements on the participants' presentations of research, innovations,  entrepreneurship, and rhetoric
7. Preparing the final report of the scientific forum including the preparatory programs, supervising printing, and circulating the report to bodies concerned.
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