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Expat Scholarship Students

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The expat scholarship is granted to non-Saudi students who have already been admitted to Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University with all the financial benefits stipulated by law. In accordance with the University's vision in the pursuit of catering for scholarship students, the University has established the Non-Saudi Scholarship Students Care Unit in the Deanship of Students Affairs since it is the administrative body in charge of external scholarship students. 
Supervising expat scholarship students' arrival and departure at the airport
Coordinating with the University Hospital to complete the procedures of the medical reports
Offering academic guidance to expat scholarship students' in accordance with concerning colleges
Providing expat scholarship students with security and social care
Providing distinguished expat scholarship students with financial and moral support
Providing expat scholarship students with financial benefits and tickets
Benefiting from the distinguished external scholarship students' in the academic research and translation
Creating bridges of communication with expat scholarship students after graduation
Inviting distinguished expat scholarship students to participate in the conferences held by the University
Preparing the required reports concerning expat scholarship students
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