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Students’ Clubs

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The goals of the students’ clubs are 
Developing integrated personality of students based on the Islamic values which are manifested through actions and behaviours
Creating a favourable environment that enables every student to enjoy his hobbies and recreation activities
Identifying and developing students' talents and encouraging gifted and talented students
Creating a suitable environment for students to develop their potentials, skills and share experience and providing them with encouragement, support, and  reward
Participating in various occasions, on and off-campus, and exchanging experience in compliance with the regulations in force
Documenting the students’ production  and creating a database for students' talents in various areas
Encouraging effective teamwork among the students
Preparing the students to get in the workplace and assume responsibility
Using the students' free time productively to increase their knowledge, diversify their experience, and  maximise their intellectual capacity 
Reinforcing fraternal ties among students and enhancing the spirit of cooperation, tolerance, harmony and love among them. 



To be moved in the Students Housing

Scouting Club

The Deanship of Student Affairs

Theatre and Chanting Club

The Deanship of Student Affairs

Community Service Club

The Deanship of Student Affairs

Photography and Fine Arts Club


College of Business Administration-Al Kharj

NAZAHA (Integrity) Club

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation Club

The College of Applied Medical Sciences-Al Kharj

Physiotherapy Club

the College of Computer  Engineering  and Sciences -Al Kharj 

Digital Creativity Club

College of Dentistry

ESHRAQA (Smile) Club

College of Arts and Sciences-Wadi Addawasir

NAMA (Development) Club

College of Pharmacy                      

JURAH (Dosage) Club

College of Education-Al Kharj

ERADA (Tenacity) Club

College of Engineering-Al Kharj

Innovation Club

The College of Sciences and Humanities- Aflaj

Entrepreneurship Club

Community College-Al Kharj

Entrepreneurship Club

College of Medicine

Medical Club

College of Education-Wadi Addawasir

Scouting Club -Wadi Addawasir

College of Business Administration-Al Kharj

ADALA (Justice) Club

College of Business Administration-Hawtat Bani Tamim

Entrepreneurship  and Creativity Club

College of Engineering- Wadi Addawasir

Engineering Club

Deanship of Preparatory Year




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