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Academic Guidance and Counselling Department

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The Academic Guidance and Counselling Department at PSAU seeks to help the students acquire the social, psychological, personal and life skills which work as psychological variables to alleviate the pressures affecting the students' physical and mental health. When the students are adequately equipped with these skills, they are better capable of facing and coping with anxiety and psychological disorders with no risks of illness.   
The Department Objectives:
Contributing to boosting the quality of University academic output
Developing students' talents and boosting their distinguished academic performance
Meeting the needs of gifted and distinguished students
Helping students overcome academic pressures
Providing the students with a safe environment that helps them cope with college life
Improving the students' academic achievement
Boosting the culture of dialogue, education, competition and creativity
Boosting the psychological and physical health as well as comprehensive care services
Preparing the University students to enter the labour market.
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