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Deanship of Student Affairs

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The Deanship of Student Affairs seeks to fulfil the University mission based on the fact that students do not only constitute the pivot of learning in the educational process, but also form the essential core of the University philosophy. Accordingly, the Deanship of Student Affairs is keen to offer care services to the University student, which contribute to the development of his character in the academic, psychological and social areas and the creation of a strong sense of responsibility and belongingness.   
The Deanship of Student Affairs prepares programmes that provide students with cultural, artistic and sports activities. It also tackles students' issues and offers possible solutions. The Deanship is considered the link between the University students and local community.
 The Deanship of Student Affairs plays a fundamental role in the student's' university life, which undoubtedly makes it the most influential among the University deanships. Accordingly, the Deanship bears the greatest burden of the realization of its vision and mission, which are mainly derived from the University vision and mission throughout the programmes and plans implemented by its various departments.
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