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Praise be unto Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be unto the most venerable of prophets and messengers.
It is indubitable that the Deanship of Student Affairs is a pivotal part of the University and one of its sturdy pillars owing to its strong ties with the University’s students. The Deanship runs a prodigious amount of student activities – cultural, sports, social and scouts activities. These activities are carried out through both the central activities programmes that the Deanship runs on the University main campus and through the activities run in individual colleges. The Deanship has accordingly acquired a special status, and that in turn has led the Deanship to steadily shoulder more and more responsibilities in the service of the University’s students in a plethora of areas. It delivers these services through the Special Needs Unit, the Scholarship Unit, good health care, counselling, providing proper accommodation and catering, providing a stationery centre for Xeroxing and selling books at low prices, and offering financial support to students who need funding as defined by the regulations of the Student Fund scheme. Since the University spans a massive geographical area and has colleges in different locations, so do the responsibilities of the Deanship. The outreach of the Deanship sweeps over the area from al-Kharj to Waddi al-Dawasser, and from Dilim and Hootat bani Tamim to Aflaj and Saleel.
The Deanship is sanguine that the students will participate in the laying out of its plans and programmes, and in executing these programmes and activities, which were created for them first and foremost.
Last but not least, we beseech Allah to give us support and guidance in our endeavour to serve our students, our ambitious University and our beloved nation.
Dr Thallab bin Abdulla al-Shakrah
Dean of Student Affairs
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